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Denaja Mcpherson

Slink jeans 2017 model search-Denaja

Denaja Mcpherson

Hi, my name is Denaja and I am from New York. Becoming a plus size model has been a dream of mine for the longest. I want to become a plus size model not for the fame but to be a voice and spread awareness on why being a certain body type should NOT stop you from being the best person you can be. Help me put body shaming to rest. When it comes down to skinny, big/plus size there is no better, all that matters is that you are healthy and comfortable in your own skin without caring about how others view you. I want to be the voice for others out their who don't have one. It's time to put stereo types and their stereotypical comments to rest! ☺ please allow me to become the next body positive advocate and vote for me❤ With love, Denaja 😘

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