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De'Jonnae Boyd

Body Positivity Is..

De'Jonnae Boyd

Hello! My name is De'Jonnae Boyd. I'm originally from Baltimore, MD. I know we all love our Beyoncé, but the truth is I didn't wake up like this. The journey to loving myself is a daily one. It's me reading Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman then past the mirror like "yassss girl werk". Body positivity isn't just loving what you're wearing. It's the essence of who you are. It's using your inner light to make the world better place. It's deciding that you deserve to dance in the mirror and wear pops of color -because why not! Body positivity is knowing that you, the way that you are right now, is enough. It's knowing that you were created in the image of Someone who thinks you are smoking hot...because uhhh you are. If you love this video vote for me. Even if you don't vote for me, remember to drop that thun thun thun at least once in the mirror today! Lots of love always! XoXo De'J

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